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"The Best Of Color Me Badd" (2000)

I Wanna Sex You Up lyrics - Color Me Badd

Come inside, take off your coat, I'll make you feel at home.
Now let's pour a glass of wine 'cause now we're all alone.
I've been waiting all night so just let me hold you close to me,
'Cause I've been dyin' for you girl and make love to me.

Girl you make me feel real good.
We can do it 'til we both wake up.
Girl, you know I'm hooked on you,
And this is what I'll do...

I wanna sex you up.
All night.
You make me feel real good.
I wanna rub you down.
I wanna sex you up.

Let me take off all your clothes.
Disconnect the phone so nobody knows.
Let me light a candle,
So that we can make it better.
Makin' love until we drown.

Girl, you know it feels real good.
We can do it 'til we both wake up.
Girl you know I'm hooked on you.
And this is what I'll do.

Make sweet lovin' all night long...
(I wanna sex you up)
Feels so right it can't be wrong...
Don't be shy girl rescue me...
(I wanna sex you up)
Open up your heart and I'll set you free...

All 4 Love lyrics - Color Me Badd

I'm so glad you're my girl
I'll do anything 4 U
Call U every night
And give U flowers 2
I thank the Lord 4 U
And think about U all the time
I ask him everyday
That you'll 4-ever B mine
I wanna hold your hand
2 show U I'll be there
I like 2 do the things
That let U know I care
I sing this lullabye
'Cause girl U fill me full
I look into your eves
You're so beautiful

Oh girl I think I love ya
I'm always thinkin' of ya
I want ya to know I do all 4 love
I love it when we're 2-gether
Girl I need you 4-ever
I want U 2 know I do it all 4 love

I will never leave U sugar
This I guarantee
I look in-2 the future
I see U and me
Knight in shining armor
I will B your fairy tale
I wanna take care of U
Girl, I'll serve you well
I will B there 4 ya
2 catch U when U fall
I'll hold U in my arms
That's were U belong
I sing this lullabye
'Cause girl U fill me full
I look in-2 your eyes
You're so beautiful... beautiful... yeah!


Come here sweetheart
I want U 2 know something alright
Everyday N my life without U
Is like a hundred years
The distance B-tween us
An ocean of ears
See all the things I do 4 U
Are 4 love dig it
All 4 lovin' (all for love)
All 4 U (U)
All 4 lovin' U... U... U... (U)


I Adore Mi Amor lyrics - Color Me Bad

Dream on... Dream away
I think I'm gonna have to stay
Stay forever

I adore... mi amor
I adore... mi amor

[Verse 1:]
You want to take her place
You say you'd treat me better
But, better I know for sure
You see she loves me
And I could never leave her
Never baby, never

Chica tu eres mi vida la ternura
Y alegria amor
Y este sueño
Contigo sera verdad (yeah Yeah)


[Verse 2:]
Listen... my love, the girl of my dreams
And I will never leave
She's all that I need and more
I'll love her always
What more could a man ask for
What more could I ask for

You know that I really love my baby
She can give me everything I need
There is no one to take her place
She's got my heart in her hands
Baby, I adore


Ooh mi amor es por ti que yo vivo y por ti suspiro.
No solo hoy, solo hoy si no siempre.
Tu estrella brilla siempre en mi.
Y este sueño contigo sera realidad te quiero mucho
Baby te quiero mucho, mi amor.

You know I love you (I adore)
You know I need you girl (mi amor)
You know that I really love my baby (I adore)
She can give me everything I need (mi amor)
And there would never be noone that could take her place (I adore)
She got my heart in her hands (mi amor)
You're the one that I adore (I adore)
I'll be forever your love (mi amor)
You're the one that I wanna see (I adore)
I want you to stay with me... yeah (mi amor

Thinkin' Back lyrics - Color Me Badd

Hum... ohh baby... aww baby Yeah!
We goin' take you back a little further
Thinkin' back on you and me,
Remembering how it use to be
Those times are precious, I cherish every moment we spent. Yeah!
Thinkin' back on all the arguments
Thinkin' back way back when
We kissed and made up and all was fair in love

So now we gotta go back baby (maybe we can turn the hands of time)
Going back to when (Going back to when you were mine)
When we were one (remembering the times when we were one, one in love)
When love was fun (ohh baby, baby)
Dig it...

Remembering the first time you showed me your love
The feeling was so strong heaven sent from above
But you had no right to play with my heart.
You showed no shame
Time after time and place after place
Night after night and day after day
I'm still missing your love and the feelings we share
Sometimes I cry at night cause' I feel so all alone.
I need your love right here with me to keep me safe and warm.

(Maybe we can turn the hands of time)
I'm going back to when (going back to when, when you were mine)
When we were one... we were one girl.
Ohh baby girl...
When we were one...
Baby save me, I'm thinkin, thinkin' back...
Play Mr. Music Man Play
Play Mr. Music Man
Ua... ohh... ohh...
I'm Thinkin' back...

Got 2 Have U lyrics - Color Me Badd

[from "Beverly Hills 90210" soundtrack]

Ah, ah, ah, ah, lovely
Oh, you make my world go round
Pick me up when I? m down
This much you mean to me
(Ah, ah, ah)

The way you understand
The way you hold my hand
In times of loving me

Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely
Ooh, I got that feeling inside
When I get you on my mind
(Ya, ya, ooh, ya)

Sweet lovely, lovely, lovely
Ya, that deep down feeling inside
I'm begging you to be mine

Say, gotta have you for myself
I want you in my life
I'm tryin to tell you
That I really gotta have ya

'Cause girl, you are so sweet
Your sweet enough to eat
I wanna let you know
I really gotta have you

As gentle as a rose
My love for you knows
You must be sent from above, ooh ya
And when I am on my knees
To God, I'm begging you please
Let me jump in your love, ooh

Lovely, lovely, lovely
Ooh, that deep down feeling, ya
It's like a summer dream
(I'm dreaming)

Sweet lovely, lovely, lovely
Ya, that deep down feeling inside
Now won't you set me free

Said we got your motion, earl of potion
Dog in motion
Met her from around the way
Yo', me never find a girl, so what?

The island chillin', coolin' and willin'
To get with that girlie
She was one in a million
Met her from around the way
Yo', me never find a girl, so fly and lovely

Sweet lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely
Baby, you know
I really got to have you

Where Lovers Go lyrics - Color Me Badd

I have a plan, a woman and a man
Against the wind but living free
The price for love my life for thee
Don't run in fear, I need you to be here
I will climb the walls you hide behind
I will search the world until I find

I know that the ride we take
A life we'll make above the fears, beyond the tears
Happiness remains through the years

I can be the one, you know I can
When you're following me home, your heart in hand
Helplessly controlled to another land
To a place where lovers go

I see the light, endless in your eyes
Shining through, calling me, I forget the hurtful memories
Dodging the stars, to get where they are
They fought until they made it through
I will fight the same to arrive with you

A companion and a friend, I will love you til the end
Til the end of time, through the years

Color Me Badd lyrics - Color Me Badd

We'd like 2 introduce us
We're Color Me Bad, the funky new band
And our dope producer... Dr. Freeze
With Mark, Bryan, Kevin, and Sam
We're down with the Warner Brothers and
You'll hear on Giant Records
Our music is R&B & hip hop (so just let us)
Entertain and groove you
We're not a fad, we're Color Me Badd

Color Me Bad (o wee um, ooh um)
Color Me Bad (o wee um, ooh um)

They said it wasn't easy
We had to practice every day
Always stick together
Even when we work or just play

We just stick to what you wanna hear
We're Color Me bad

Every time the radio plays we appear
We're dope y'all, like this y'all, like this y'all


Now we're talkin' about the Color
Like this group there ain't no other
We're dope y'all, word 2 the mutha
We discover, Yo Freeze, Spyderman
U know we're all brothers, breakin' off with a new style,
Wild top of the pile, versatile, makin' other singers sad,
Color Me bad, Papa's gotta brand new bag.
And then U say yo damn
What's got into mark, Bryan, kevin, and Sam.
It's about a jam produced by the man Dr. freeze
And the help of spyderman

"Awakening" (1998)

All The Way (Freaky Style) lyrics - Color Me Badd

Been checkin' your scene
Tell me how can I be down
All I want is all you got babe
I'm freaky bound
I feel it all over when your around
Keep savin' that honey love
Cause your daddy's back in town c'mon
I want you now, mama, every day and night
I wanna make love to you till the morning light
So just hold on, mama don't you close the door
I'll satisfy your wants and you'll be beggin' me for more
Suga c'mon


I'm diggin' your freaky style, let's take it all the way
Get kinky baby for a while, let's take it all the way
Ain't nothin' like gettin' down, let's take it all the way
We can kick it mama here and now
Let's take it all the way
Step to my game
Mama show me where your from
Cause I really don't wanna stop mama
Till the morning comes
We'll be making sweet love
Let's do it all
You feel just what I mean
I'm givin' everything you want


You know I gots the ahh, I know you gots the ooh
Yo all we need now is time for me and you
It's a little crazy, you's a little wild
Put'em both together and you got a freaky style
Freaky style
Yo. put'em both together and you got a freaky style


Written On Your Face lyrics - Color Me Badd

If you don't mind
Don't tell me that lie
I can see right through you
Your expression tells me more
Than words could ever do
I see right through you


Hit me off, sugar don't run away
C'mon baby, it's written on your face
No other love is ever gonna take your place
C'mon lady it's written on your face
If you don't show it
Then how would I know it
Mama you can't let this slip away
Now why you keep runnin' on
When what you want is right here
Let love break me through your fears
She's hot she's fine
She knows she got the whole world in her eyes
She blows my mind
The love's right here she knows she can't deny


Every night, every day
I long to see your love come my way babe
Don't deny, keep it real
I need to know how you really feel


You want me I can see
Plain and simple reality
Baby don't deny, keep it real
I already know how you really feel

Kissing You lyrics - Color Me Badd

Girl I've been waiting
For oh so long now
Just for this moment
When no ones around you
Just close your eyes
Let me feel your breath against mine
C'mon now it's time

OOh sweet love, I, m kissing you
OOh my love, kissing you, kissing you

Let's wait for the chance girl
That we can escape
Sneak out the back door baby
Ain't never too late
So we can be alone just for a while
Cause a while is all I need


Ooh baby, what's it gonna be
You think you wanna roll with' me
I'll make you say...
Ooh suga the mood is right
And my game is tight, c'mon


Love Is Stronger Than Pride lyrics - Color Me Badd

Don't throw your love away
Right now you've got it made
You've gotten' in over your head
This isn't natural
You got to close the door now
They said we would fail
But I just got to believe
I've tasted fear, and I had my share of pain
Without my pride you know I'll risk everything baby
Every time I feel your touck
I want it over and over again

And now I can't let you go
Cause I can no longer hide
I'm fallin' deeper inside
And love is stronger than pride
You've reached the end of the line
And I will lay down my life
Cause love is stronger than pride

With no beat in my heart
Just runnin' from the dark
And much to afraid to be sure
I can't stand the pain of livin' life in vain
A danger no longer this heart can endure
Nothing is real if I can find your touch
Walk though the fire, I know that won't be to much
Every second I live I promise you
I need it over and over again oh


I never believed this dying flame could ever burn again
Now I will stand like a rock
Till there's no more to give
Give up my life for that one chance to live
(For) your touch in the night
I can't let this die, oh no


Your Touch lyrics - Color Me Badd

Love was whispering my fate
I heard it through your smile
And now I get through every day baby
Just to hold you at night
There is no star out of my reach
And forever's not to long
Nothing is impossible baby
When I'm with you, when I'm with you


I can finally believe now without my pride
When I'm reachin' out to love from inside
And I could never be afraid with the comfort of
Your touch
A thousand worries fade away
In the sweetness of your kiss
And all the walls come fallin' down
Cause your love is everything, everything to me

I'll Never Love This Way Again lyrics - Color Me Badd

Tell me baby do you know that I've tried
To show you how I feel
Since your love has gone
Yes I know that you loved me when I left you
With tears in your eyes
Now I miss your smile
Yes I know, yes I know... that your gone


Guess I've gone and done it again
Truth is that I never thought I'd miss your love
Now it's all I'm dreamin' of
Watched my luck run out on a chance
Now I see that life will never be the same
Iknow I'll never love this way again
Anything I'd do just to get down
And get it on one more time
If just for a little while
Cause I know that the sun stopped shining
When your heart stopped beating with mine
And I thought you knew
I'd never make it without you


Baby I can't give up
And I got to believe
I was a prisoner since you shined your light on me
And now I've got to turn around
Untill salvation is found
I never imagined livin' without you
Oh, I can't breathe without you babe
I'll never love this way again
My baby's long long long gone
My heart stopped beating when
I lost her lovin' arms but
From this day I ain't gonna stop believin' no
Cause your the only one
The only one the only one I ever loved